Identifying solutions in creating leader in an enterprise

The aim of the article is to present the issues connected with developing leadership skills in a company. The article is a result of theoretical studies concerning the development of leaders in a company, as well as empirical studies carried out in Polish companies. The conditions in which companies currently operate and the changes they undergo, as well as growing requirements in terms of employees’ competence, influence the growing significance of investment in company’s human resources. Companies should also notice and shape leadership potential of their employees. In a company we can distinguish between natural-born leaders, with inherent leadership skills, and shaped leaders, who have developed their skills. However, leaders who are just emerging or individuals with leadership potential which can be developed should be equally important for a company. In the process of leader development companies can use a variety of methods, practically applied in different combinations, depending on the needs.
K. Grzesik, Identifying solutions in creating leader in an enterprise, „Journal of Positive Management” 2011, vol. 2, nr 1, ss. 25-36
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