The purposefulness of application and control issues of friction brake within test bench simulation reproducing the drivetrain dynamics

The paper briefly presents the implementation of a concept of a test bench simulation reproducing the drivetrain dynamics of passenger car equipped with automatic transmission. It was performed with a test bench which used the flywheel and two brakes, i.e. friction disk brake and eddy current brake, in order to simulate drag forces reduced to drive shaft. The purposefulness of friction brake application was described in more detail and some principles of parameter selection as well as control actuation system were also presented. Some problems characteristic of friction brake torque automatic control were discussed. Problems related to long actuation delay time and variations of brake torque with variations of brake speed and temperature were discussed as well as methods to solve them with the use of suitable algorithm for open loop torque control. The algorithm was based on forecasting of the required flywheel deceleration and on predefined levels of actuation for phases of vehicle stopping. The final part of the paper presented an exemplary result of the control within the built test bench for a recorded time history of road test drive.
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