Groza systemowej niewiedzy. O dystopijnej rzeczywistości "Przeglądu Końca Świata" Miry Grant

In the chapter Horror of the Systemic Unawareness. On A Dystopian Reality of Mira Grant’s “Newslfesh” Krzysztof M. Maj invites a Foucauldian reading of the epony-mous fear of being unaware of the truth about the “founding lie” of dystopian socio-stasis. While doing so, he proceeds with an analysis of the basic components of dysto-pian narrative, pondering on the subtle relationships between the so-called young adult dystopias, postapocalyptic lore, and “political technology of the body”—with the latter being an ultimate tool of authoritatian control observed in Newsflesh trilogy. Simultaneously, the chapter serves as a concise introduction to contemporary world-centered dystopian narratives, greatly inspired by a deconstructive approach to utopian and dystopian studies, with a particular emphasis on the subversion of metaphysical paradigms and binary oppositions, critique of logocentrism and panopticism, or dis-semination of power/knowledge. Finally, Maj argues that the state of unawareness may be both a curse and a blessing in a dystopian reality—a curse, as it strikes fear into the hearts of subdued citizens who learn thereby to be afraid of any rebellious activities, and a blessing, as it may inspire a strong individual to overcome their fear and challenge the reign of oppressive authorities.