Wpływ miasta na tożsamość i twórczość Franka O'Hary

Main subject of the article is New York as a place which has a big influence on identity and works of Frank O'Hara. This influence is represented through three perspectives. First of all, New York as a place, where O'Hara had lived, worked and written. Second, it was an element of his everyday life, which at the same time was the main subject of his esthetic experience. At last, experience of the city created his identity as a New York poet and has the main influence on the style and subject of his poetry. New York is a multicultural metropolis which does not build stable but dispersed identity immersed into experience of the city.
Anna Bugajna, Wpływ miasta na tożsamość i twórczość Franka O'Hary, "Anthropos?" 2015, nr 24
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