Miasto/miejsce jako dzieło sztuki. Wprowadzenie

In this paper I will attempt to look at the city-place as a work of art. Such an approach will allow us to take into consideration its aesthetic, sensual and reflective qualities and, at the same time, contemplate those aspects which go beyond the philosophy of art, such as practical needs of everyday life. I am analysing the opinions expressed by Olsen, Christie Boyer and the architects, Le Corbusier and Kevin Lynch. The positive view of the place emphasizes the role played by its shape and layout, by the sense of security and beauty, by harmony, sensuality and emotions, by the sense of belonging and identity. The city, however, also means ruins, abandoned places invisible to its inhabitants. I am examining an approach adopted by Urban Explorer and I am underlining the aesthetic and artistic way of depicting the city. In the final part I am discussing the spatial-temporal dimensions of the city as a work of art.
Maria Popczyk, Miasto/miejsce jako dzieło sztuki. Wprowadzenie, "Anthropos?" 2015, nr 24
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