Seniors as a challenge for innovative enterprises

Purpose: The segment of the seniors is constantly growing. The segment has specific needs and expectations towards offers made to them. Nowadays, a challenge for business is to create appropriate instruments of influence directed towards this market segment. The needs of this segment must be identified to adjust offers making sure they contain innovative solutions. The aim of this study is to discuss challenges a business faces in the development of the segment of the seniors. Methodology: The research emerged from the deeper studies into the national and foreign literature. Frequency analysis allowed to reinforce theoretical deliberations and assess available research in the field of innovations for the seniors. Identification of the attitudes and expectations of the seniors towards innovation required a survey. It was conducted in a group of 345 respondents over the age of 55, using the questionnaire developed by the authors. Lubuskie Voivodship was chosen for the research. The main goal of field research was to study attitudes and behaviours of the seniors towards innovations. Before the commencement of the research, a pilot research was carried out, which enabled the verification of the measurement tool and eliminated potential irregularities. Results: The focus on the segment of the seniors will ensure producers and contractors with the development of products for the elderly as well as the use of new technologies. The research proved that contrary to stereotypical opinions, the researched seniors from Lubuskie Voivodship have a positive attitude towards innovations, especially the market of food products. Every fourth respondent claimed that he/she is knowledgeable about market novelties. Practical implications: The research constitute a significant cognitive material, and the resulting knowledge can serve as a basis for the formulation of marketing strategies by entrepreneurs working in the silver sector.
A. Barska, J. Śnihur, Seniors as a challenge for innovative enterprises, in: A. E. Gudanowska (ed.), 7th International Conference on Engineering, Project, and Production Management, Poland, Bialystok, September 21-23, 2016. Book of abstracts, Bialystok 2016, p. 22