Possibility for Realizing Savings by Application of the Hard - Facing as the Revitalization Technology of Various Machine Parts

This Chapter is aimed in presenting the importance of hard-facing as the manufacturing technology, which nowadays is used increasingly for revitalization of the responsible plants and the machine parts. The reason for such development lies in multi-folded advantages that the hard-facing could provide, which could be observed form both the technical and economical point of view. Here is presented a procedure for prescribing the optimal technology for reparation of various technical systems with special reference to possible savings in money and time that could be realized by application of that technology. Costs and savings for reparation of various complex machine parts are analyzed by the profitability method. All the analyzed machine parts were revitalized by hard-facing, with substantial savings in money and machines' downtimes. Evaluation and verification of the hard-facing technology quality was done both experimentally and by monitoring the performance of the repaired parts in exploitation. The realized savings, calculated according to the profitability method, are presented by concrete monetary amounts for each analyzed working part, compared to costs of procuring the respective new part. In general, this Chapter can be considered as the voluminous techno-economic analysis of hard-facing as the revitalization technology of various machine systems.
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