Prometejska racja stanu. Źródła i dzieje ruchu prometejskiego w II Rzeczpospolitej

Prometheism, which started to develop in 1921, after the Polish‑Bolshevik Peace of Riga, was both an ideological and political project. The idea of liberating na‑ tions oppressed by the Soviet Union was accompanied by publishing activi‑ ties, institutional and community network. The article presents the genesis of Prometheism, its geopolitical and historical sources, political provenance of its main activists, evolution of the movement in the 1930s and the institutional di‑ mension of Polish Prometheists. The paper also discusses the most important views of the creators of the movement, including thoughts on Russian imperial‑ ism, solidarity with enslaved nations and the united fight for “our freedom and yours”, originating both in the sense of mission and the analysis of the Republic of Poland’s reason of state. The author focuses on two important elements of the movement – the realism of the political concept and the Promethean elite’s polit‑ ical thought about the state, the nation and the geopolitics of Eastern Europe.
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