The determination of flavan-3-ol content in the root of Rhodiola Kirilowii

According to a new classification, nearly 90 species belong to the Rhodiola family. However, only three of them are most frequently used in alternative medicine.In addition to R. rosea and R. quadrifida, R. Kirilowii can also be included in this group. This species was investigated for flavan-3-ol content.Due to beneficial properties of this class of compounds (free radical scavenging and reactive oxygen forms), the researchers decided to examine 5 substances in the root and in two extracts, alcoholic and aqueous ones.Depending on the matrix analysed, the content of particular components varies. Furthermore, it is also affected by extraction time as well as a particular extraction solvent employed. An ultra performance liquid chromatograph connected to a tandem mass spectrometer (Waters) was used for the assay. The application of this analytical method allows to detect very small amounts of analytes.
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