Niewystarczalność mitu. Teraz na ciebie zagłada Jerzego Andrzejewskiego

The article contains an analysis and interpretation of Jerzy Andrzejewski’s novel Now Your Extermination. Initially, it presents remarks about the style and the text’s rhetoric strategies. Next, the considerations focus on the mode of detailed specification of the topos of paradise present in the text, which is depicted in the naturalist poetics. In the following part, it discusses the moral issues raised in the work, as well as indicates, after German Ritz, a possibility of reading the text in the perspective of queer studies. Subsequent point of consideration is the problem of the mode of Adrzejewski’s presenting the original sin and the source of evil. Recalled are two found in the novel and engaged in dialogue holistic depictions of first people history, leading to dissimilar answers to the question concerning “unde malum”. The author, resorting to Judeo-Christian staffage, offers a response situated in the secular trend.
Niewystarczalność mitu. Teraz na ciebie zagłada Jerzego Andrzejewskiego, „Pamiętnik Literacki” 2013 z. 2.
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