East-Asian and Central-European Encounters in Discourse Analysis and Translation

The volume consists of seven papers, each focusing on a selected aspect of East-Asian and Central-European (or more generally Western) encounters, either in more general terms of contact between heterogeneous cultural and linguistic codes, or in specific communicative situations. Six of the seven papers were authored by researchers with predominantly Central European – and more specifically Polish – backgrounds. The issues discussed by the authors encompass the problems undertaken by Discourse Analysis, and Translation Studies. Even if these topics pertain to encounters broader than those on lines between Poland and East-Asia, it can be argued that the interpretations of these encounters are influenced by the authors’ Central European perspective, stemming from local experiences. The volume has been divided into three sections – Frameworks, Angles and Encounters – each approaching the topic of encounter from a different perspective.
"East-Asian and Central-European Encounters in Discourse Analysis and Translation", Edited by: Anna Duszak, Arkadiusz Jabłoński and Agnieszka Leńko-Szymańska
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