Słowniki szwedzko-polskie i polsko-szwedzkie (przegląd II)

This review of Polish-Swedish and Swedish-Polish dictionaries is the continuation of the review published in the first issue of the journal "Acta Sueco-Polonica" in 1993. In the present article, the author discusses first of all dictionaries published in Poland and Sweden after 1993, but also returns to some of those issued earlier (if their characteristics included in the preceding paper was found to be incomplete). The author also includes a brief description of manuscript dictionary of the early 18th century. The material is presented - as in the article of 1993 - in chronological order. Presentations of dictionaries also have a similar character as in the previous text. By contrast, the set of dictionaries has been selected on a different principle - this time dictionaries included in textbooks of Polish for Swedes and Swedish for Poles are omitted. The author also ignored phrasebook dictionaries, dictionaries in guidebooks and similar publications intended for tourists. The dictionaries discussed in this article differ in one characteristic feature from those discussed nineteen years ago. Before 1993 dictionaries were mostly published in Sweden, and the newest ones were published in Poland. This shows that there is no longer need for dictionaries for Polish immigrants in Sweden. Currently dictionaries are produced primarily for tourists and foreign language learners.
Acta Sueco-Polonica, 2012, nr 18, s.91-111.
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