Izolacja w firmie

The presented considerations do not propose to explicate another theory, but aim at examining the problem of isolation in both spatial (isolated space), interpersonal (isolated calls) and personal (escape from isolation) aspects. The phenomenon of isolation can be seen as a stable point of reference for the characterisation of an organisation, and for an analysis of human behaviour. The inspiration to undertake this subject came from the works of Hopper, in particular his painting "Nighthawks", capturing the phenomenon of glass isolation. ‘Isolation in a firm’ is discussed on the basis of two dramatic plays: "Top Dogs" by Urs Widmer and "After the Rain" by Sergi Belbel. The notion of isolation in glass buildings is considered according to the approach of Mieczysław Ciosek, concerning the system of relations between man and his surroundings, which are closed in some way.
Szkudlarek, Ewa (2021). Izolacja w firmie. Napis, XXVII, s. 290-312. http://doi.org/10.18318/napis.2021.1.17
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