Lycopene in tomatoes and tomato products

This article focused on the content of lycopene in fresh and dried tomatoes and tomato pomace, as well as in tomato paste at different harvest times (harvest 1 – August and harvest 2 – September). The lycopene content of tomatoes and tomato products was evaluated by using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The results showed that the highest content of lycopene was estimated in the tomato paste independent of the time of harvest (211.73 mg/100 g dm in August and 184.29 mg/100 g dm in September) and the lowest content in fresh pomace (20.45 and 16.11 mg/100 g dm in August and September, respec- tively). Good sources of lycopene are tomato by-products, in particularly dried tomato pomace (25.11 mg/100 g dm – har- vest 1 and 19.30 mg/100 g dm – harvest 2). This study showed that tomato waste can be considered as a promising source of lycopene for the production of functional foods.
Górecka, Danuta, Wawrzyniak, Agata, Jędrusek-Golińska, Anna, Dziedzic, Krzysztof, Hamułka, Jadwiga, Kowalczewski, Przemysław Łukasz and Walkowiak, Jarosław. "Lycopene in tomatoes and tomato products" Open Chemistry, vol. 18, no. 1, 2020, pp. 752-756.; (
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