PCJ - a Java library for heterogenous parallel computing

With the wide adoption of the multicore and multiprocessor systems the parallel programming became a very important element of the computer science. The programming of the multicore systems is still complicated and far to be easy. The difficulties are caused, amongst others, by the parallel tools, libraries and programming models which are not easy especially for a nonexperienced programmer. In this paper, we present PCJ - a Java library for parallel programming of heterogeneous multicore systems. The PCJ is adopting Partitioned Global Address Space paradigm which makes programming easy. We present basic functionality pf the PCJ library and its usage for parallelization of selected applications. The scalability of the genetic algorithm implementation is presented. The parallelization of the N-body algorithm implementation with PCJ is also described.
Marek Nowicki, Magdalena Ryczkowska, Łukasz Gorski, Michał Szynkiewicz, Piotr Bała, "PCJ - a Java Library for Heterogenous Parallel Computing," WSEAS Transactions on Computers, vol. 21, pp. 81-87, 2022. DOI: 10.37394/23205.2022.21.12
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