Charge Transfer & Organic Photoelectrochemistry

At first glance, the theory behind charge transfer and organic photoelectrocatalysis does not seem to have much in common. It turns out, however, that to carry out an effective organic synthesis using photoelectrocatalysis one needs a solid theoretical foundation in charge transfer, which is the topic of this primer. First, the authors introduce the theoretical foundation of charge transfer, focusing on electron transfer and hole transfer and how they relate to photochemistry and electrochemistry. Then, the authors move into applications of photoelectrochemistry in organic synthesis. A series of examples demonstrate the three types of synthetic photoelectrochemistry that have emerged in recent years.
Rybicka-Jasińska, Katarzyna & Vullev, Valentine. (2023). Charge Transfer & Organic Photoelectrochemistry. 10.1021/acsinfocus.7e7025.
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