European Sensor System for CBRN Applications (EU-SENSE) D1.5 Final Project Report

The following is the final project report of the EU-SENSE project. This report summarizes the work performed within the span of the project. This is the third and last of the reports (first two being the Annual Reports) which were set to be delivered during the duration of the project. The report details the methodology used in the project's research as well as the overall development made in all work packages specified in the project proposal. The Project Management WP consisting of general overseeing actions, Consortium Meetings and list of the WP’s deliverables is presented. Then, the Operational Needs and Requirements WP is detailed, divided into descriptions of background and context, concept with approach, and collection of user requirements as well as the development of suite of scenarios and requirements prioritization. In WP3, the general system architecture and its evolution during the project is depicted. Next, the EU-SENSE sensor node development being the essence of WP4 is presented as well as the supporting it machine learning of the environmental noise algorithms that are the outcome of WP5. The following is WP6 – Situational Awareness that consists of, i.a., three main tools of the system that are Source Estimation, Hazard Prediction and Situational Awareness Tool. Next is WP7 describing Integration and Validation of the developed system, detailing the engineering and validations approaches with their results and outcomes. Last two WPs illustrate the training and demonstration of the system as well as its dissemination and exploitation. Moreover, the Report presents the foreseen and unforeseen implementation risks with actions taken to mitigate them, followed by lessons learned from the project and its development It is also critical to emphasize that the EU-SENSE initiative was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic's primary and immediate impact was the suspension of measurement sessions, as consortium partners were directed to operate remotely and laboratories prioritized testing for the healthcare sector. In general, the pandemic hampered the speed of work on the project, which resulted in additional 6 months given to finalize and deliver all contracted works.
Szklarski, L. Oleś, M (2021) European Sensor System for CBRN Applications (EU-SENSE) D1.5 Final Project Report;
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