The Indicators of Systemic Immunity in Children With Recurrent Respiratory Infections

Abstract. An investigation of the indices of the system of immunity has been carried out in 80 children with frequent recurrence of respiratory infection and 35 healthy children. It has been found that the frequent recurrence of respiratory infection is associated with depression of the cell component of the immune system as a reduction in the total pool of TCD3+-lymphocytes with a predominance of deficit TCD4+-lymphocytes, an activation of the humoral component against a background of a decrease of the major classes of immunoglobulins. The development of chronic purulent sinusitis occurs against a background of the immune suppressant profile with a prevalent depression of the cellular link. The formation of chronic polypous sinusitis is associated with an activated profile of the humoral immune response in terms of reduced cellular immune deficiency and a deficit of nonspecific resistance factors.
Tolstanov AK, Gozenko AI, Levytska SА, Buyalo VV. The INDICATORS of SYSTEMIC IMMUNITY in CHILDREN with RECURRENT RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS. Показники системного імунітету у дітей, що часто і тривало хворіють. Journal of Health Sciences. 2013;3(10):089–096.
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