Kształtowanie strategii przedsiebiorstwa rodzinnego w korelacji do oczekiwań interesariuszy wewnetrznych i zewnetrznych

The stakeholders’ involvement can bring an organisation many advantages, but it is also a great challenge and commitment for the future. Once gained trust should be taken care of. The neglect of taken commitments risks not only losing the interest and the support of exterior and interior partners, but the most important risk is losing reputation. Fully applying the rules of a theory connected with creating social responsibility of business can be for the family companies a challenge too hard to fulfill in a structural and organisational field. But it must be stated that the identification of key customers, setting the expectations and integrating with their main strategy aims of the company can not only strengthen the identification of these groups with the company, but finally also increase the level of commitment in the fulfillment of company’s visual activities. Additionally, taking into consideration the exeptional complexity of family companies, it seems that identifying different points of view and different levels of motivation to action can influence the increased mutual understanding and the improvement of relationships both inside the organisation and with the surrounding. This result is worth the necessary commitment.