Modern Technologies and Product Development Strategy in Roads Maintenance Terms

Every person is a participant of road traffic whether is a pedestrian or a driver and every one care about safe and easy movement in every season of year. Such requirements established by the users of roads and roadsides are being met by the use of new technologies and their appropriate management. During the winter maintenance of roads, snow fences are being used to prevent blowing snow on a road surface or at least to limit the amount of blown snow. In order to achieve this effect, snow fences made of wood were applied in the past, but during the development of technology and the emergence of new technological solutions, the former technology was changed by the replacement of wood by plastic material in the construction of snow fences. Comparing these two technologies shows the benefits of the technologies development and how its appropriate management influences in a positive way not only on road users, but also on lowering the snow fences production cost. It is obvious that every technology may have some deficiencies, but the task of persons respon
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