Company Social Responsibility as Modern Management Concept

The chapter reference aims at the important and current issue of Polish consumers attitudes towards Corporate Social Responsibility-CSR. The essence of the article is to present the created order of priority of the company actions from a consumer perspective, defining actions that most consumers appreciate and expect, and the actions that they condemn or do not appreciate but the main objective is to present the results of the authors' research conducted in 2009 among Polish consumers. In the article the authors have verified the thesis that consumer attitudes towards corporate social responsibility are positive and consumers have little knowledge on CSR. Article includes a review of the literature, the conditions for implementation of the research and conclusions from the analysis of the results, because the theme of corporate social responsibility is currently being promoted and implemented in Poland and the application of this concept in business management raises great interest. The article is a response to social demand on scientific considerations and practical solutions to this issue in the realities of the Polish market and shows the processes taking place between attitude and behavior of the consumer.
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