Formation of Intellectual Potential in System of Marketing Management of the Enterprises

The modern highly educated person, the consumer studies throughout all life. Skills, knowledge, competences of people, in particular the staff of the enterprises are important. Formation of marketing potential is very dynamic process therefore it is necessary to estimate this process in a context of behavior of consumers on markets of commodity and services. Creation of marketing potential has to happen on the basis of taking into of modern knowledge. Full, qualitative and transparent information is at the same time important. In marketing management it is necessary to consider communication of functions of management and marketing. Accumulation at necessary level of intellectual potential of the industrial enterprises allows their managers to introduce technological and commodity innovations. It in a consequence will allow to put into practice marketing strategy of leadership in expenses. Marketing innovative activity is possible thanks to accumulation of intellectual potential. Formation of intellectual potential of the enterprises will allow to position at higher level their activity in space of information flows.
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