Rola nauczyciela–tutora w procesie wspierania rozwoju osobistego uczniów

The article presents the role of a teacher-tutor and its importance in the process of students’ personal development nowadays. Apart from introduction and summary, the publication specifies three main parts describing the addressed problem. The first part of the article presents the perception of the teacher profession and its role in the education process. The next part discusses the idea of tutoring starting from its original form to the present method which occurs. A particular attention has been paid to the importance of the tutorial session in the acting stimulation process of a young man from the perspective of the use of its resources over the life. The third part attempts to show the teacher as a tutor. A remark has been directed to the importance of teacher’s role in the tutoring process and the essence of key competencies the teacher-tutor should have in order to effectively support personal development of each student.
Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczo-Humanistycznego w Siedlcach