Analiza promocji małych miast nadbałtyckich za pomocą stron internetowych

This work analyses the role of web site as a factor of promotion for small and medium towns in the Baltic Sea region. Since this kind of promotion is becoming very popular and the sold product is similar especially in the summer (3S – tourism) the importance of well made internet site is increasing rapidly. The web sites studied are all from Baltic countries: Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The empirical results show that all investigated cities have tourism – orientated web site, but its quality is very different. The study reveals there is a serious paucity of translated versions in the Polish and German sites. The paper gives some hints to bear in mind by construction of a web site, which is made for tourists. The current work demonstrates the consistent importance of well made information in Internet in influencing the growth of tourism demand in small and medium cities in the Baltic Region.
Pawlicz, A., Tokarz A. (2004) Analiza promocji małych miast nadbałtyckich za pomocą stron internetowych, In: Determinanty rozwoju lokalnego i regionalnego w przededniu wejścia Polski do Unii Europejskiej, Gospodarka Morska, Turystyka, Finanse, Szczecin-Darłowo, pp. 183-190.
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