Formation in conditions of globalization the picture of touristic area

The XX-th and XXI-st centuries are characterized by an increasing turbulence of environment connected with technical and technological progress, liberalization, privatization, dynamic urban development, cosmic space conquest, social and economic life globalization. The objective of hereby paper is the analysis of globalization impact on the process of tourist destination image creation changes. In globalization conditions tourist market competition intensifies not only among economic entities, but also with reference to country and regions. Technical progress is the symptom of globalization which result in the need of transferring image activities into the Internet (virtual space, cyberspace). Globalization therefore in order to develop at the competitive tourist market a destination has to try to be distinctive from other locations which may ensure positive and original image.
GRYSZEL P., NAWROCKA E., (2008), Formation in Conditions of Globalization the Picture of Touristic Area. W: Štefko R., Frankovský M. (red., red.), Management 2008 in Times of Global Change and Uncertainty. Wyd. Prešovská univesita v Prešove, Prešov 2008, s. 577-586.