The Art Export Principles in Poland in the New European Conditions

The paper discusses the issues related to the protection of the works of art against their export from Poland’s territory. This matter is of vital significance, especially in the context of Poland’s accession to the European Community – apart from national internal regulations, Community laws have become effective as well. The paper presents the legal regulations included in the new “Act on Historic Monument Protection and Care” of 2003, that replaced the previous “Act on cultural goods protection and museum protection” of 1962. European Community regulations serve as a point of reference. The author reviews the regulations on the protection of cultural goods adopted in the European Community as a whole. In addition, a comparison is drawn between the regulations applied in the particular member states. The paper also discusses the scope of protected objects as well as export control instruments.
Bialynicka-Birula J., The Art Export Principles in Poland in the New European Conditions, in: Management, Economics and Business Conditions in the New European Conditions, University of Brno, Brno 2008