Od rodziny posttradycyjnej do postmodernistycznej – współczesne modele relacji rodzinnych

Essential problem of the research is an attempt that is to show some selected aspects of changes taking place in modern family. Economical and social ones- last decades' cultural transformations have been democratizing inner lives of families, reorganizing the arrangement of forces which work in them, affecting on development of autonomous individual idea, more and more recreating the ideas which are dominant in both political and social life: democracy, liberalism or individualism. In Polish modern society coexist different family models: post-traditional, modernistic and post-modern one. Basing on the studies with ethnographical character, in free narrations I try to identify the factors of functioning of families that constitute particular family model. An important goal is “careful listening” to the narration in such a special way to find out about the determinants of family chances and risks during the process of accommodation to new reality. The research focused on matters which concerned: organizing a family life, parental relationships, relations between parents and their child and the problem of communication character. Presentation of pictures from family life, experienced successes and difficulties allow to look into the families' present problems and to draw a life panorama of Polish families.
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