Inicjatywy spoleczno-kulturalne na pograniczu polsko-czeskim po 1989 r. a dziedzictwo Solidarnosci Polsko-Czechoslowackiej

The text recalls the topic of the social and cultural initiatives after 1989, organized on the borderland of Poland and the Czech Republic, which the inhabitants of border regions from Poland and the Czech Republic are engaged in and the main organizational centres of the integration events are the Czech Cieszyn and Nowa Ruda. The neighbours do together among others the theatre events (The Theatre Festival “Without borders”), film events (Film review “The Cinema with no borders”), religious events (The Polish and the Czech Days of Christian culture), which tighten the border contacts and strengthen the relations between the nations. The major group of organizers of the key events come from the oppositional organization the Polish and the Czech Solidarity which was created at the beginning of the 80’s of XX C. and which functions today as Polish-Czech-Slovak Solidarity.
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