Iluzje edukacji jako skutek (nad)doniosłości Nowej Matury z chemii

There was observed a great breakthrough concerning examining in secondary schools in 2005. The university entrance examination was replaced by Nowa Matura – external examination passed in schools. Within the space of recent decade the exam on basic level have turned out not to be as significant as it used to be because of its not high-stakes examination. What's more, passing it does not bring any spectacular effects. In order to be admitted to the most prestigious schools such as medical university, it is essential to pass the exam in biology and chemistry on extended level and score a very high result. Because of the fact, there appeared various occurrences caused by the (over) the importance of the exam. Quality and quantity research, I have carried out, indicate that the existing new education of appearance have influenced all the vital elements of the exam. Moreover, it is commonly accepted and under no control, although it is known to lead to the educational distortion. The article is only a small part of the Ph.D author’s dissertation, which is going to be published as a monograph.