Przepływ wiedzy w ramach klastrów przedsiębiorstw

Clusters have been conceptualized as a concentration of companies that prosper on the basis of their interaction and cooperation. The main purpose of this study is to discuss the impact of knowledge flow in clusters. This paper examines the extent of informal contacts between employees in firms and local university researchers in a cluster. Colleagues and partners provide each other with advice, they share their experience, they give solutions to problems, provided emerging the goodwill trust between firms in cluster. Universities are often found to be an important part in clusters. The universities are seen as a source of knowledge. The informal contacts indeed are an important source of knowledge in clusters. However, it is still little known about the value to the firm and the effects of these relationships on firm performance in clusters.
Baran, M. (2010). Przepływ wiedzy w ramach klastrów przedsiębiorstw. Zeszyty Naukowe Nr 585, Ekonomiczne problemy usług Nr 50, Strategie zarządzania mikro i małymi przedsiębiorstwami. Mikrofirma 2010, ss-33-41.
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