Fisheries Local Action Groups: A New Theme For Researching Maritime Communities

The author deals with basic personality patterns of merchant seamen and their life companions. This article constitutes an attempt to formulate a definition of a personality pattern together with a distinction between personality patterns and paragons (cultural personality superlatives). The conclusions of the above-mentioned theoretical considerations enable a description of a research problem. By using methodological approach characteristic for the grounded theory it was possible to analyze interviews with merchant seamen and their life companions. Basing on the results of empirical analysis it was possible to distinct four basic personality patterns of seamen: home-bird, globetrotter, handyman, sea-dog and two patterns of seamen’s life companions: lady and house- wife.
Journal: Roczniki Socjologii Morskiej. Annuals of Marine Sociology (2011), VOL. XX. Publisher: Polish Academy of Sciences - The Gdansk Branch Commission of Marine Sociology. ISSN: 0860-6552
Stasieniuk, Ż. (2009), „Zbiorowość marynarzy w procesie zmian społecznych”, Szczecin: Wydawnictwo Naukowe US
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