Perspektywy polskiej żeglugi promowej w transbałtyckim systemie komunikacyjnym

The papers presents possible ways of development in connections between Scandinavia and Central, Eastern and South Europe. There are defined factors of intensity of cooperation between Polish and Scandinavian ports according to shipping trade. There's also estimation of potential hinterland for Polish Baltic ports after 1991. The papers estimates the contribution of Poland into Baltic ferry transport. It's based on analysis of amount of cargo transport and passenger transport passing through the Polish ferry network. One of the most significant possible factors of development seems to be tourism. There's been observed and can be estimated growth of ferry transport of tourists, as wellas cars and cargoes. The tourism can be occurence which could intensify Trans-Baltic communication and transport system.
Pacuk M., 1997, PERSPEKTYWY POLSKIEJ ŻEGLUGI PROMOWEJ W TRANSBAŁTYCKIM SYSTEMIE KOMUNIKACYJNYM, Prace Komisji Geografii Komunikacji PTG t. III, Komisja Geografii Komunikacji PTG, s. 171-185
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