The School of the Tomorrow – Pedagogy Students’ Thoughts

The futuristic vision of school as an institution where people spend a significant part of their lives evokes hope, controversy and concern. Theoretitians and practitioners engaged in education sciences have been discussing the vision of the future of school for a long time now. The popularity of this subject theme is due to the fact that, according to a survey conducted recently by Centrum Badania Opinii Społecznej (CBOS), almost 40 per cent of Poles think that the education in Poland does not fulfill its guidelines properly. The Polish education system, however, is positively seen by only a half of the respondents. On the basis of the conducted study, twelve categories of relevant importance for the respondents concerning the functioning of the school of the future were distinguished. I have defined and distinguished these categories on the basis of a precise analysis of all of the students’ essays. Determining and stipulating the categories by the author is consistent with the assumptions of the constructive grounded theory, which the conducted study was based on. The following aspects were the most often indicated in the essays: the infrastructure and localisation of school, school functions, school aims, school financing, school stationery, the organisation of the didactic process, teacher’s traits, personnel, parents’ activity, social benefits and transportation of the pupils to school.
Babicka A. (2010). The School of the Tomorrow – Pedagogy Students’ Thoughts. W: Towards a Better School (Internetional Perspectives). Red. E. Perzycka, Daniel Krzanowski, Boise
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