Enzyme activity in forest peat soils

The aim of the study was to determine the activity of dehydrogenases and urease in forest peat soils of different fertility. There were selected 23 experimental plots localised in central and northern Poland. The research was conducted on forest fens, transition bogs and raised bogs. The biggest differences in soil physical and chemical properties were detected between fen and raised bog soils while raised bog soils and transition bog soils differed the least. Statistically significant differences between particular subtypes of peat soils were observed for soil pH-H2O, pH-KCl, C/N ratio as well as the content of organic carbon, nitrogen, calcium and potassium. The highest average dehydrogenase activity in the soil surface level was observed in fen soils, and the lowest – in raised bogs soils. The results obtained on urease activity were similar. Differences in urease activity in the studied soil types were shown. Dehydrogenase activity did not reveal statistically significant diversity. The activity of urease was negatively correlated with the content of carbon, C/N ratio, hydrolytic acidity and moisture. Also the increase in enzymatic activity accompanied by the increase in pH has been observed.
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