Uczenie się głębokie jako efekt studiowania

Dynamic economic and political changes influence the task of academic education. It undergoes profound changes. Economic needs and the resulting government policy affect the reduction of nature of knowledge transferred or constricted on college campuses. Massification of education significantly contributed to lowering academic standards. Deep learning as the effect of academic adult learning is a prerequisite for the functioning of the university. There is justified concern that due to the progressive evolution of higher education, deep learning in higher education is rare and elite. Słowa kluczowe: edukacja akademicka, uczenie się dorosłych, uczenie się pogłębione Key words: higher education, adult learning, deep learning
D.Ciechanowska, Uczenie się głębokie jako efekt studiowania. [w:] D.Ciechanowska (red) Uwarunkowania efektów kształcenia akademickiego, Pedagogium, Szczecin 2012, s.111-129
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