Lokalne rzeczy to światowe rzeczy. Cz. II. Miejsce

Aleksandra Kunce The local things are the worldly things. Part II. The place This paper focuses on our experiences of place. The author tries to analyze the artifacts, which can be admired in The Silesian Museum in Görlitz (Das Schlesisches Museum zu Görlitz). How can we describe the experience of Silesia? How should we think about the mental territory? Is it possible to express the loss? It is possible to present the pain? The author interprets the cultural vision of collection. How import_ant is the key which was salvaged from the house? What kinds of thing is a coat, which is the only luggage of the refugee? Can we rebuilt our old thought about a strong sense of community in the Silesian space? It leads us to realize that our experience can only be situated in a localized space, making us responsible for a local gesture and a tangible movement.
"Anthropos?" 2013, nr 20-21, s. 59-75.
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