Zjawisko szarej strefy w gospodarce turystycznej

Tourism is one of the basic branches of the economy. In this area if activity can be seen a serious problem which is the grey market of services. Its functioning is determined by: law, lack or insufficient range of preventive and repair activities, socio-economic situation and consumer awareness. The functioning of the informal economy in tourism could take the profit out of the business without paying taxes, by this situation impoverished state budgets. The fight against grey market requires of the state consequences and prudence. Taken actions should promote fair business, and at the same time fighting a decisive manifestations of the informal economy. In tourism, these initiatives should result in improved quality of service and increase the safety of customers.
Zjawisko szarej strefy w gospodarce turystycznej; Stefan Nowak, Aneta Herbuś, Marek Szczerbowski; W: Regionalne i lokalne strategie rozwoju turystyki: materiały i studia; red. nauk. Stefan Nowak; Wydawnictwo Akademii Wychowania Fizycznego w Katowicach; Katowice 2012. S. 189 - 198; ISBN 978-83-60841-88-4
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