"Słaby podmiot" a tajemnica nieprawości

„Weak Subject” and the Mystery of Iniquity Postmodernism, post-modernity, weak thinking, weak subject: these concepts have accustomed us to a different view of man. In classical philosophical and theological thought man is shown as coincidentia oppositorum, an intersection of opposites that cause tension and conflict within the subject. But weakness as a constitutive element of human nature has never been as strongly emphasized as in postmodern thought. In the article some trouble spots of thinking on man in contemporary anthropology have been analysed and then juxtaposed with the “mystery of iniquity” showing human weakness in the aspect of sin and redemption. Noticing the difference between the weakness of subject and the mystery of iniquity has led to asking questions about the future of the weak subject. Opening to transcendence is undoubtedly a solution. It is not, however, an attempt to get outside oneself, to overcome one’s limitations with one’s own power, but rather an attempt of opening oneself towards the gift of the Other. The beginning of this new, enriching relationship is the sacrament of penance. It is in this sacrament that one has a chance to regain the original purposefulness of life and to discover the path of one’s vocation.
Jarosław A. Sobkowiak, "Słaby podmiot" a tajemnica nieprawości
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