O ewolucyjnym charakterze filozofii Platona

In the secondary literature concerning Plato’s philosophy can be frequently found a statement that the thought of the founder of Academy is subject to change called evolution or progress or development. It is attempted in this paper to analyze if the change in Plato’s philosophy can be described as the evolution. Because the concept ‘evolution’ is used in many fields of knowledge and its meaning has a quite long history it is necessary to precise its meaning and to make the analysis based on this constructed meaning. First part of the paper presents a history of the evolutionary interpretation of Plato’s dialogues. In the second it is pined the concept of ‘evolution’ down, and in the third the proper analysis is contained.
tekst opublikowany w "Philosophiae Itinera", A. Pacewicz, A. Olejarczyk, J. Jaskóła (red.), Wrocław 2009
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