Designing The Intergenerational Dialogue Within The Space Of A Modern Family In the Times Of Prefigurative Culture

The paper deals with the issue of conscious designing an intergenerational dialogue in a family, in the pedagogical perspective. $e starting point is the analysis of psychosocial conditions and threats to modern family, especially the distance between generations. $e next matter discussed is the one of the character and quality of communication within the family in the context of pre- !gurative culture. $e main thesis concentrate around dialogue and cooperation as more or less consciously used strategies. $e authors present the model of family communication based on the levels of community dialogue for which the basis is common language, the ability to talk, readiness to reach solutions together, participation in events important for family members. Realising such model involves broadly understood “being together” and gives all family members the sense of important contribution they make.
A. Wąsiński, M. Szyszka, Designing the intergenerational dialogue Within The Space Of A Modern Family In The Times Of Prefigurative Culture, "Dot.comm" Vol. 1. 2013, No. 1-2, s. 58-68. ISSN 1339-5181.
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