Economic Conditions of the Functioning of the Food Industry Companies in Poland

The present article examines the extent to which the processes taking place in the economy, and closer to the business environment of the food industry in Poland affect their performance and competitiveness. The study was conducted on a representative sample of 267 enterprises of the food industry in the years 2012 and 2013. The research noted that: enterprises of the food industry operate in a highly competitive market, the Polish membership in the European Union has influenced a major change in the methods, ways and standards of production and the market pressure applied to the implementation of innovations that changed the image of Polish food industry. It was also found that in the area of determining the degree of impact on processes in the areas close to the surveyed enterprises, their function to the greatest extend was affected by: the level of competition between companies, the bargaining power of buyers and bargaining power of suppliers.
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K. Firlej, Economic conditions of the functioning of the food industry companies in Poland, University of Hradec Kralove, Faculty of Informatics and Management, Hradec Kralove 2015
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