W Chmurokukułkowie, czyli lekkość śmiechu

The essay refers to an unrealistically idealistic state where everything is perfect (Aristophanes, "The Birds"). It seems to be a dispute about a joke in the anthropological way of thinking. The Author confirms, the most philosophical positions has defined joke as something with the light weight. Moreover, the joke makes specific situation - words turn into unusual lightness. Instead joke has deprived weight and seriousness. Well known phrase - I'm just joking, means - I just explain my intention, 'cause I'd like to console someone resentful or dissolve his claims. In fact joke has an aerodynamic form, which makes space of weightlessness, also it makes invisible brackets, because outcast them grows less the strength of the seriousness. The Main results defines the Lightness as something, what can makes laugh world a place, in which you can say all. This is a place hinged between the Heaven and the Earth, called - The Could-Cuckoo-Land. There is possible say "these things", which are unwelcomed in another conditions. Only here words can make sounds, which in other places will be unacceptable. The Author has convinced, jokes become relatively safe entertainment, but also particularly respected worth. Philosophers thought about laugh needs as reaction to the overwhelming human being. That's a reason why serious man think, that it is not possible to play with the existence, for him the laugh is a disease symptom or deficiency sign of mind. On the contrary, The Man of humour think - someone, who understood something in life, have an open reaction called laugh. In the following these senses, author has affirmed - in the humouristic way, laugh is a fight with inescapable weight. So far, this project shows, that the joke gives a distance, which makes happenings smaller. Change of perspective reduce happenings and their action range or results. The next sketch treats about laugh as danger behaviour. It is so easy trying to hurt someone or antagonize people, who are in love, different good people and scientist, politicians the most, also generals, officers. When the weight turn into the lightness makes laugh, call it moment of the mockery. Then laugh has hidden inside a paradox, called disrespect. The Last conclusion stands in constant dialogue between mockery and joke. The Mockery is obstinate and despotic, but joke has destructive power, much bigger than disrespect. The Author affirm the most famous essential claims made by Nietzsche - Not with the Anger, but with the Laugh we killed.
Dorota Siwicka, W Chmurokukułkowie, czyli lekkość śmiechu, "Anthropos?" 2009, nr 12-13
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