Ziemia z uśmiechu Eumenid. Temat genius loci jako filozofia hikezji

In this project Kadłubek's essay stand in constant dialogue with one of the infrequent reading and annotate classical tragedy of Sophocles - "Oedipus at Kolonos". But before the main dispute he prepares some comments, which are the introduction to genius loci (the guardian spirit of the place). The attentive reader should be able to monitor other discourses of ideas that open into the project of this volume. Kadłubek quotes Tadeusz Sławek's essay - "City of Godforsaken"- treat about genius loci like the important passage which we're crossed out of the temporary direct. He persists to one word "temporary", because his dispute will follow not about subject but noun. He's interests in abandon analysis of essential differences between these forms. Temporary define the present which is associate with the world. The presence of the hic et nunc is potentially fundamental aspect in the contact with movement or dynamic. That's the reason why genius loci is crossing line of the temporary. Temporary is also form of passing and form of the visible produce space and time. Reader will come across a description of apparently episodic history of treatment genius loci like oicology (ecology). This reflection constitute about idea of place, which is "space without a place" instead. Kadłubek signals theory of Marc Auge. He's the first, who used term considering with difference between understanding place and not-place (non-lieux). The next subsequent sketch develop of the Auge's theory. He shows analytical examples dealing with places, which are unstable. They're more like provisional station, scatter, beyond definition, place without permanent form than place with the settling. It's not even clear, if they need structure like this? Maybe it's enough for them to keep as empty form with possibility free place for the meeting? One thing is sure - confirm Kadłubek - non-lieux are putting in the central area. They're the most important impulses, which produce life energy. Also they're the main places which provide energy for city, society and living space. Kadłubek was trying to define genius loci as well as relation full of meetings, arrivals, removals and passing. Undoubtedly non-lieux after a while will be place, but for sure we can thinking about genius loci as drifter spirit.
Zbigniew Kadłubek, Ziemia z uśmiechu Eumenid. Temat genius loci jako filozofia hikezji, "Anthropos?" 2009, nr 12-13
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