Śmiech (z) poety. O wierszach Zygmunta Karskiego i ich odbiorze

The essay seems to be project not about only Zygmunt Karski's creativity but also about cruel criticism reading of his famous work "Spring in Paris". Lots of critics saw in his poetry vulnerable point, for example - metaphors, representation and form looked like Słowacki's works. Otherwise, Karski's poetry had "misty" romantic pathos. The most strict critic - Janusz Jędrzejewicz judged erotic poems from volume "Sparkling morning" as unauthentic, youthful and naive. The First main abuse concerned about love them, critics accused impressionistic mood and reaching to modernistic tradition. The second one involved of misunderstood his poetry. They also wrote, that Karski's poetry must came out of maze unlimited intuition. That's why "Spring in Paris" was curious poem, author makes an experiment trying to refresh look. Karski's poetry stands in constant dialogue with erotic treatment of body. He used weird, unpredictable associations. Weird and controversial metaphors, which are connected with logical dreaming and frivolous imagination. In fact erotic turn into obsession and whole poem - moral and literary scandal. Although this kind of poetry made by specific style sounds like grotesque, but maybe that is the reason, which proclaim about innovative structure and composition. Author concede, that the most Karski's poems haven't got coherent composition, but this is positive aspect called unintentional comic.
Anna Szawerna-Dyrszka, Śmiech (z) poety. O wierszach Zygmunta Karskiego i ich odbiorze, "Anthropos?" 2009, nr 12-13
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