Po raz drugi w dolinie małej wody. Granice świata Stanisława Młodożeńca

This essay makes a reflection about the most famous stories, which has written by Stanisław Młodożeniec. The Author has convinced, that in this creativity it is possible to find a dominant regionalism, which was very characteristic during the interwar period - so far called 'regionalism of great regions'. But the main specifics are included inside this creativity. Moreover these specifics are not perceptible for the first time. In fact, the regionalism, which we can observe here, is not really helpful in understanding way of local meaning these stories. It happens, because of difficulty with finding manifestations of regional pride, literary desire in their own cultural aspect (for example - ennoblement piece of homeland). The Author shows, that we can follow short pieces of stories, as writer indicates the main roads and 'watercourses', spotted elevation and erosions or when he occupies the main part of the village, suburb and individual barriers, marks tracks and paths field, recalls itself about the source on the slope and stream; but above all - writer introduces corrections, and what the most important - defines the limits and tries out their names. As the result, author marks, how far is inaccurate of the rural building picture in the area. It turns out, that there are many other suburbs apart from the main ways, which was selected by the writer. Ziątek has admitted - that provides an ingenuity of the writer and also shows how much writer requires in the local field of nomenclature. The Author has noticed, that in many descriptions of these stories we can find forest motives, which were a peasant borders, most probably forming in two suburbs, which has effaced the limits for the conduct borders. In fact, this unusual writer cares on loyalty of the real landscape and topographical nomenclature reliability has exceeded well defined limits. Undoubtedly, as the author makes call - we can say, that these limits are covered by the limits of Limits on its own village. Mainly, author has convinced, that Młodożeniec crossed the Limits and directed in to way of different kind of signs without social borders or horizon borders, because villages, which border with Dobrocice from the east to west do not appear in stories, because of their invisibility.
Zygmunt Ziątek, Po raz drugi w dolinie małej wody. Granice świata Stanisława Młodożeńca, "Anthropos?" 2010, nr 14-15
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