Pogranicze na talerzu. Rytuał konsumpcji jako wzór kultury i nośnik tożsamości pojałtańskiego pogranicza ("Bambino" Ingi Iwasiów)

The Essay take a reflection on the concept, which is focused on a sample definition of borderline term. Author has recognized word 'borderline' as the space, which is space of rivalry competing with each other entities, in the results - this area open to foreign adoption / other ideas and values, cultural place, linguistic and axiological polymorph. All results show, that the borderline may be carrier infinitively many meanings inherent within, which has being them a subject in different interests of scientific disciplines and interdisciplinary research. In this project, proposed reasoning of borderline constitutes not only geographical, political, linguistic or native criteria whether or not. The Borderline may be participate also as a particular ontological or existential situation. In order to validation these theories, author quotes Stanislaw Uliasz's definition - the borderline creates some kind of specific aesthetics of its own ontology and axiological system. It reminds some kind of anthropos, which constitutes also its own axiological-normative mechanism. The Author has convinced, that fundamental experience of borderline consist of situation, where the settled down process can be in the situation conflicting and develop a strategy, which is coping with multidimensionality. After these theoretical aspects of essay, author shows short sketches, which describe different situation in cultural borderline, which based on Iwasiow's novel. The introductory sketch called - Boundaries and cultures ethnos or cultural heritagehas illustrated demographic and cultural profile of post-migration communities lands, which has annexed by specific cultural circle. The next aspects of those two other sketches show - temporal borders and generation borders, where issues has concerned about cultural time border - focused on year 1945, which presented panorama of everyday life of the communist times in Poland. There is also psychological and cultural aspect of families dimension, roles and stereotypes against sex. Above all, these sketches has oscillated for main reason - Bambino - the famous Iwasiów's novel. As the author has convinced, Bambino creates original try-out of project, which used culinary symbolism characteristics for social and cultural times in communist Poland, where is analyzing borderline of Jałta's scenery. The final conclusion makes a foundation, that the borderline creates voices and hybrids. Moreover, the essence of the world is interference coexistence competitive value, models civilization and social structures. In fact, this is an axiological dialogue and fight, but for human, who stands on the borderline, it makes and consists the permanent conditioning of choice.
Joanna Szydłowska, Pogranicze na talerzu. Rytuał konsumpcji jako wzór kultury i nośnik tożsamości pojałtańskiego pogranicza ("Bambino" Ingi Iwasiów), "Anthropos?" 2010, nr 14-15
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