O wychowaniu w świecie nowych mediów – zarys problematyki

Today’s children, so-called Digital Natives (digital natives), in contrast to their parents and teachers, who are called Digital Immigrants (digital immigrants), live in the world of media. Their childhood is strongly related to the TV. Afterwards they enter the world of the Internet, computer games, mobile phones. The tools that are in use are in their major part shaped by a man so the involvement of the younger generation in the world of the media has significant impact on the process of education. The article discusses the impact of the media on the formation of two types of intelligence — the cognitive and the emotional ones, that are most strongly associated with education. These effects have both the cultural and the neuronal level. The paper presents the process of education in the world dominated by media as a situation that educators are supposed to deal with, and takes into account the need to implement education for rational and responsible use of the media.
Morbitzer J.,O wychowaniu w świecie nowych mediów – zarys problematyki, LABOR et EDUCATIO 2014, nr 2, s. 119-143.
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