Górny Śląsk - opowieść niewysłowiona

The subject of the paper is an analysis of the selected Upper Silesian literary and film narratives created in recent years. They present Silesianity as a complicated problem, which is a result of 'borderland' spirit belonging to the remote past, multiculturality and subordination, and also as an artistic vision that is a part of the contemporary vivid discussion about the form of regional identity. The aim of this study is to make an attempt at connecting a variety of different representations of local culture into a kind of synthesis of the current state of the culture of Upper Silesia, simultaneously it is combined with the awareness of utopian thinking in terms of the anthropology in its entirety and its stability.
Ilona Copik, Górny Śląsk - opowieść niewysłowiona, "Anthropos?" 2014, nr 22
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