Udźwignięcie. Sztuka życia

The author of this article aims at introducing a concept of sustainable development, derived from the economic and political sciences, back into the language of philosophy. His success is only partially accomplished; however, this text's crowning success is achieved by unveiling the strategy of bearing seen as integral and sustainable development. Also, it is a request for an individual's preparation for overall perception as well as action, a global understanding of the world. It is the entire world to be borne, since humanity has already reached a critical moment. The form of practice along with the strategy of bearing that each field of study involves is that which is becoming avant-garde today. Rather than to correct the world, knowledge is initially used to correct the one who is working in a laboratory or indulges oneself in reading a book in a library. We are probably witnessing the emergence of a new man. This man dwells in the center, and therefore he is the one whose imagination has been transfigured. He no longer attempts to multiply information, but yearns for a different way of acquiring and using it. A market-oriented world will not do without this new type of man - a completely different organizer of systems.
Zbigniew Kadłubek, Udźwignięcie. Sztuka życia, "Anthropos?" 2013, nr 20-21
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