Dokąd "dzierżawię jej miejsce pod skórą", czyli wokół śmierci się krzątanie

Bustle about in anthropology of death perspective concern on funeral practices functioning in our societies that are aimed on hiding external signs of decomposition, which is associated with the transi figure. Bustle about concern also on sorting and organizing any material evidence remain after living human, who left. Bustle about is a category that describes the contemporary attitude to life, which is nothing more than a slow process of dying. This way of looking at death robs of the sacred, by what it comes to everyday experience, from which people trying to remove it, due to focus on small, seemingly unimportant, performed mindlessly everyday activities. Precisely this activities occupying our thoughts don't allow to confrontation with the inevitable and reduce the ability of anticipate our fate.
Kamila Luft, Monika Sadowska, Dokąd "dzierżawię jej miejsce pod skórą", czyli wokół śmierci się krzątanie, "Anthropos?" 2013, nr 20-21
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